Macpack LLC, Packaging Service, Linthicum Heights, MD

Hazmat Packing Services

Whether you are shipping hazardous materials by truck, rail, aircraft, or cargo vessel, the experts at MacPack are trained and certified to pack your materials in a way that will ensure they stay safe throughout the entire journey and comply with all associated regulations.

Our senior management has over 40 years of combined experience in providing professional packing services for all types of hazardous materials and will ensure that your shipment will travel safely and securely. As a certified screening facility for the TSA, we can ensure that your air shipment will be packaged for safe transport, reducing the amount of time you have to spend waiting at the airport. With our extensive experience and highly trained personnel, we are the best choice for hazmat packing services in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia.

We can handle any and all types of hazardous materials, including but not limited to:

  • Flammable Liquids (Paints, Perfumes, Adhesives)
  • Corrosives (Batteries, Bleaches)
  • Compressed Gases (Hair Sprays, Other Aerosols, Refrigeration Gases)
  • Explosives (Ammunition, Charges)
  • Poison, Toxic
  • Batteries
  • Oxidizing Materials
  • Or Other Hazardous Materials

You can trust that your shipment will be packed in the correct UN Specification Packaging if required and will be handled with efficiency and competency before being forwarded to its final destination.

In addition to Hazmat Packing Services, we provide a variety of related services to meet any and all of your facility’s needs. Our services include:

Emergency Response Service

Emergency Response Service is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for every hazardous materials shipment. We offer single shipment services or annual contracts. If your shipment is involved with any sort of incident, we will be there to provide all necessary coordination and solutions to ensure that your business is not negatively impacted.

MSDS Research

We will ensure that your material is properly documented before being entered into the transportation process. By completing this process before the shipping process begins, we can ensure that your transportation logistics are smooth and seamless.


MacPack LLC can create a customized hazardous materials handling system for your individual requirements. No matter your needs, we can create the perfect solutions for your specific project to ensure that your operations are as efficient and streamlined as possible.

To learn more about our expert hazmat packing services, get in touch with the pros at MacPack today. Give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can ensure that your hazardous materials are handled with care.